Our Story

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
— Alan Kay, Computer Scientist

We were hybrid before hybrid was cool

Long before the seismic shift in 2020 when the world suddenly discovered out of necessity the expanded reach, engagement and ROI that VR, AR and AI-powered technologies could bring to the traditional in-person event market, the founders of UgoVirtual were busy constructing a robust, comprehensive and secure platform for augmenting the impact and value of virtual, hybrid and physical events.

Today, UgoVirtual leverages this advanced, modular platform of proven solutions to provide:

Flexible and scalable shared event experiences for virtual, hybrid and physical attendees

Expanded reach, engagement and networking through access to all aspects of the experience pre, during, and post event
Maximized ROI through efficient event budget utilization
Led by a group of technology and hospitality industry leaders and supported by an experienced global team of “event architects,” we produce and host customized event environments and digital solutions that enable engagement, intelligent networking and education for many of the world’s leading event agencies, associations and Fortune 500 organizations.

Virtual by Necessity. Hybrid by Choice.™

Our history of innovation