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The Go-To Solution for Virtual and Hybrid Event Innovation & Engagement

From a single interactive virtual or hybrid event to large-scale trade shows with sponsors and exhibit halls or even fully-branded, always-on, perpetual virtual environments for enterprise clients-UgoVirtual’s comprehensive UgoExpo solution offers endless possibilities for you organizations event and remote collaboration needs.

With a wide range of highly configurable modules, fully customizable design and an open API for “bring your own” partner integrations, UgoExpo’s industry-leading features are designed to drive:

Unlimited Reach

Maximum Engagement

Increased ROI

AI-Powered Tools for Planning, Networking and Connection

AI Matchmaking

Help your event attendees make the right [email protected] AI Matchmaking leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide curated recommendations on who to connect with, based on attendees' profile data from registration, as well as their activity within the event.

Meeting Scheduler

The UgoExpo Meeting Scheduler allows event attendees to schedule one-on-one meetings with exhibitor booth representatives, presenters and other designated experts within the UgoVirtual environment.


Enhance convenience, educational value and engagement for your event by creating designated tracks based on specific topics of profile types. Your attendees can access and launch content and activities from the track and personalize their agenda with scheduled meetings.

Experience the Power of the Virtual & Hybrid Event Industry's Most Advanced Features

Customizable Visual Design

  • Brandable high-impact room templates
  • Professional custom design services
  • Multi-lingual attendee interface

Flexible Audio/Visual Presentations

  • Personalized agenda and presentation tracks
  • Live, simu-live or on-demand webinars and presentations
  • Attendee polls, surveys and Q&A
  • Screen share and downloadable resources

Dynamic Content and Engagement

  • AI Matchmaking for attendees
  • Chat and 1:1 meetings
  • Downloadable documents and resources
  • Gamification and 3D/AR Options

Unmatched Security and Scale

  • GDPR Compliant and ISO 27001 Certified
  • Allow/deny access by email domain
  • Password protected access
  • AWS Elastic scaling
  • 500 to 50,000 live attendees

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

  • Track who, what, where and how many
  • Reporting down to each piece of content
  • Sponsor- and exhibitor-specific reporting

Flexible Registration Options

  • Native registration tool included, or…
  • Use our open API for integration or SSO
  • Vary access by registration data (entitlements)

Choose from 3 distinct levels of the UgoVirtual experience and let our event architects craft an event, design & structure to meet (and exceed!) your needs.


Ideal for single event users, non-profits or layering a virtual component on top of a physical event, UgoExpo Essentials is designed to help organisers add impact, reach and extended access to any online or in-person gathering  of up to 1,000 attendees.


Led by our expert team, UgoExpo Pro is fully customizable and immersive. This event platform allows organizations to create any type of virtual experience they want, completely meeting their needs for content and connection.


UgoExpo Enterprise is a powerful open platform that empowers enterprise-level organizations to manage multiple virtual environments at the same time, using up to 5 digital venues for different types of interaction, connection and collaboration.

Compare UgoExpo Plans

Essential Pro Enterprise
Number of Virtual Venues (URLs)
Registered Attendees
Number of Virtual Rooms
Up to 1,000
Number of Sponsor Booths
Up to 30
Sponsor Booth Design
Dedicated Event Architects
Analytics & Reporting
Additional Features
Public Chat Rooms
Moderated Chat
Video Chat
Meeting Scheduling
Scavenger Hunt
Custom Chat Rooms
My Agenda
Learning Module
10 Live-Day Premium
AI Matchmaking
1:1 Chat
Full Platform Training
and more!
and more!
and more!

Seamless, Secure & Scalable

Seamless Immersive Experiences

Our dynamic customizable visual environment and navigation design drives attendees through a unique immersive experience, delivering new levels of engagement and virtual or hybrid experiences.

Enterprise Level Security

The UgoExpo platform is one of the industry’s only ISO 27001 certified solutions, offering a secured digital environment that provides peace of mind to attendees, presenters and organizers.


With unlimited capacity and flexibility, UgoExpo allows organizations to achieve a true global reach and scale, attracting attendees, contributors and other event participants who may not be able to attend in person.