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Why Go UgoWebinar™

Free yourself of clunky webinar interfaces and frustrating downloads! UgoWebinar™ is a 100% Cloud-based solution for corporate webinars and educational sessions, providing a flexible, brandable and dynamic platform for delivering highly engaging content.


Whether you are presenting live, simu-live or on-demand content, in one session or twenty…UgoWebinar™ provides all the tools you need to make your organization look polished and professional — before, during and after your virtual and hybrid events.

Fully brand able graphics

Simplified multi-session registration

Detailed data & analytics

Enterprise-grade security

Take Engagement to the Next Level with Unique UgoWebinar Features, including;

Live Social Media Feeds

Downloadable Resource Materials

Sponsor/Host Branding

NEW! Bring Audience Members on Stage

Breakout Sessions

Stream In Professionally Produced Content

Stream Out to Social Feeds or Select Audiences

Flexible Design & Robust Production Tools

Customizable Branding

  • Custom background images

  • Customize the color of buttons and tabs to align with your brand

  • Combine PPT Slides, video clips, and poll questions into one presentation

  • Speaker biography for showcasing your event speakers

  • Provide your own banner, presenter head shots or other images for your custom landing page or link to images already on the web.

Simplified Production

  • 100% Web-based, no downloads for attendees

  • Invite guest presenters, Q&A moderators and content providers

  • Drag and drop webcasts within your webcast library folders

  • Copy previous webcasts including settings and content

  • View a calendar of your upcoming webcasts.

Smart Streaming

  • Webinar automatically selects appropriate streaming media choice based on the audience member’s system for both live and on demand webcasts

  • HTML5 streaming to all modern browsers

  • HTML5 iOS/HLS streaming (iPhone, iPad, Android)

  • High quality video at low bandwidth using H.264 compression

  • Multiple video window sizes available

Advanced In-Webinar Tools

  • Synchronized PowerPoint with triggered animations and attendee-controlled slide option

  • In-Webinar Polling with live results

  • Moderated Q&A between the audience and presenters

  • Automatically forward questions to email

  • Private chat for presenters only

  • Private 1:1 chat for presenters to attendee

  • Share documents as downloads

Seamless, Secure & Scalable

Seamless Immersive Experiences

Our dynamic and customizable visual environment and navigation design drives your event attendees through a unique immersive experience, sparking new levels of engagement and virtual or hybrid experiences

Enterprise Level Security

The UgoWebinar™ platform is one of the industry’s only ISO 27001 certified solutions, offering a secured digital environment that provides peace of mind to attendees, presenters and organizers.


With unlimited capacity and flexibility, UgoWebinar™ allows organizations to achieve a true global reach and scale, attracting attendees, contributors and other event participants who may not be able to attend in person.