Who Says You Can’t Be Everywhere at Once?

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Who Says You Can’t Be Everywhere at Once?

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Welcome to UgoVirtual.

The Virtual Solutions Company.

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UgoVirtual is a comprehensive digital platform that virtualizes tradeshows, brand events and corporate meetings.

As technologies like virtual reality, e-learning and e-conferencing have converged, the UgoVirtual platform harnesses their combined power to resolve the pain points and challenges of event organizers, exhibitors and industry professionals who have too many conferences and events…and not enough time or budget to attend them all.

With UgoVirtual, you can BE EVERYWHERE!

Why Go UgoVirtual?

Top-tier enterprise companies worldwide are increasingly investing in online events for both external and internal interaction and communication, because they have experienced the array of benefits of virtual events, which allow them to:

Reach previously untapped audiences

Create deeper connections

Increase the level of engagement

Increase retention of event content

Connect more often and for longer periods

Track the ROI of events

Reduce travel expenses

With UgoVirtual, it's possible for both exhibitors and attendees to BE EVERYWHERE!

Experience the UgoVirtual events platform now.

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Virtual Events Enrich the Experience for All Stakeholders Involved, Including:

Event Organizers

  • Increase attendance (at both onsite
    and virtual events)
  • Create new revenue opportunities from both exhibitors and attendees
  • Access to extensive data and analytics
  • Remove regional and travel-related limitations
  • Provide extended access to show content and provide more personalized experiences


  • Drive more sales leads
  • Increase value of the event through extended exposure to attendees
  • Remove language barriers and encourage international exposure
  • Provide on-demand digital product & solution information that is accessible for up to 30 days after the event
  • Provide more customized content for each show


  • Have a much richer show experience
  • Visit all the booths and sessions they want with no time limitations
  • Access exhibitors, educational content and critical sessions missed at the show for up to 30 days
  • Attend shows they normally would not be able to, due to conflicting meetings and events

Boost Attendance

Increase and enhance both onsite and virtual attendance, and expand revenue opportunities.

Increase Engagement

Virtual events offer an array of multi-channel engagement opportunities that extend beyond the physical event.

Maximize Results

Facilitate exhibitor lead generation by 3-5X as compared to onsite-only events, ensuring measurable event ROI.

Don't you think it's about time you go virtual?

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