UgoVirtual Solutions

A highly configurable platform with features designed to engage and connect at every level.

UgoVirtual is a comprehensive digital platform created for the global travel/hospitality sector that virtualizes industry tradeshows, brand events and corporate meetings. As technologies like virtual reality, e-learning and web conferencing have converged, the UgoVirtual platform harnesses their combined power to resolve the pain points and challenges of event organizers, exhibitors and industry professionals who have too many conferences and events…and not enough time or budget to attend them all.

With UgoVirtual, you can BE EVERYWHERE!

Don't you think it's about time you go virtual?

The Platform

The proven platform that is the foundation of the UgoVirtual solution presently enables virtual events and conferences for leading enterprise companies such as Salesforce, Accenture, Ericsson, Hootsuite, BlackRock, GE, SunTrust, Glassdoor and BambooHR.

Intuitive User Experience

HTML5: Access from any device, on any browser

Scalable: Invite just a few or a few thousand with confidence

Enterprise-Level Security: Our security is designed to pass any enterprise IT review

Real-time Reporting & Analytics: Access reports anytime from a secure dashboard

22% Market Growth

Analysts forecast the global virtual events market to grow at a CAGR of almost 22% during the forecast period (2017-2021), according to their latest report.

$86 Billion

The global virtual events market is expected to continue its rapid growth over the next 3 years and is expected to be valued at USD 86.37 billion by 2021.

122% Incremental Growth

The Americas make up a majority of the growth, about 47% of the market share and will likely be responsible for a massive 122% of the incremental growth through the forecast period.

What Industry Experts Are Saying

Industry insiders, technology experts, consultants and users all agree –
virtual event technology is poised to transform the way we distribute content, educate and sell in the next several years.

“The virtual event market will grow from $14 Bln in 2018 to $18 Bln in 2023, with growth rate of 5%, reflecting maturity and commoditization of the virtual event marketplace.”

“The global virtual events market is expected to show fast growth during the forecast period and is expected to be valued at USD 86.37 billion by 2021.—Market-Drivers-Forecast-Technavio

“These technologies provide planners with greater opportunities to increase engagement and generate and capture real-time feedback, while attendees can gain a richer and more connected experience throughout the event life cycle.”

How Technology Is Upending the Meetings Industry

 “Many organizations today are putting on virtual industry events that allow you to attach your collateral within the virtual environment, chat with other attendees on curated message boards, showcase your videos to the digital audience, and more – all from the comfort of your desk.”

"Virtual events have helped us reach previously untapped audiences and create deeper connections, while increasing attendee engagement and the retention of event content.”
“Attendees of our virtual events tend to connect more often and for longer periods, since the content remains online long after the physical event has ended.”
  • The Platform

    A highly configurable platform with features designed to engage and connect at every level.

Virtual is not just the future of the meetings and events industry…it is the present!

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