Ugo3D & AR

A New Dimension in Virtual, Hybrid and Physical Event Engagement

Add Impact, Engagement, Interaction and ROI

to Your Virtual, Hybrid and Physical Events.

Designed to drive both engagement and ROI to entirely new levels, these dynamic, highly advanced interactive visual presentation features can be used to significantly enhance any type of event content, from exhibitor product demos and sponsor promotions to event keynote presentations. Intuitive and simple to use, Ugo3D & AR Elements will make your event stand out from the rest—quite literally!

With a choice of four distinct type of activations, the unique benefits of

Ugo3D & AR Elements will power up your event, allowing you to:

  • Increase attendee engagement, education and interaction
  • Create unique interactive content for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Equalize the shared event experience across all types of events and attendee profiles
  • Maximize ROI for show organizers, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Create memorable event experiences that ensure retention

3D Objects

3D Objects integrates custom-created three-dimensional models of physical products (either static or animated) directly into any type of event environment, from virtual lobbies to in-person event booths.

This solution is ideally suited for:

  • Demonstrating sponsor and exhibitor products and features
  • Allowing event attendees to view and interact with a product in their own environment
  • Showcasing physical objects that are too large or expensive to ship to an event

Digital Swag

Make your virtual attendees feel like part of the live event with UgoVirtual’s Digital Swag! This fun, smart device-based solution uses AR-enabled facial filters with the user’s smart device camera, allowing them to try on virtual brand apparel or promo items , such as hats, glasses and stickers.

It’s perfect for:

  • Creating attendee engagement for a fun, memorable experience
  • Encouraging social media shares and exposure
  • Maximizing and incentivizing retention through gamification   

AR Portals

UgoVirtual’s AR Portal solution creates a virtual “doorway” into another dimension, which attendees can place in their immediate space to physically walk through into virtual event lounges, booth environments or custom-created 3D scenes.

This can be used for:

  • Allowing attendees to experience a 360-degree product photo, video or immersive 3D environment
  • Bringing together virtual and in-person attendees to explore a highlighted event area or feature
  • Presenting a virtual sponsor showroom, exhibitor booth or gallery     


Bring your event to life with UgoVirtual’s extraordinary new Hologram feature, designed to deliver life-like realism to your event presentations for all attendees—right into their homes, offices or other physical spaces! 

This advanced feature is ideal for:

  • Presenting dynamic holographic “president’s welcome” video messages
  • Delivering keynote speaker presentations, celebrity endorsements or sponsor content
  • Enabling realistic, interactive representations of on-demand sessions
Imagine your virtual, hybrid or in-person event,
enhanced with Ugo3D and UgoAR-powered digital content.
With Ugo3D & AR Elements, the possibilities are endless!
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