Your Virtual Venue for SMARTER Conferences & Events

Introducing UgoConference™,

a Brandable and Scalable Cloud-based Virtual/Hybrid Event Hub for Digital Presentations and Meetings!

UgoConference™ by UgoVirtual is a next generation browser-based online event and presentation solution that lets you easily and securely connect, engage, educate and interact with your audiences around the world with no limits on attendee capacity! Because it’s hosted entirely on the Cloud, there’s also no need for downloads, plug-ins or onboarding, eliminating the troublesome learning curve that makes other popular platforms a “clunky” experience for organizers, presenters and attendees.

Smart. Seamless. Scalable. Secure.

Whether you are hosting a conference with live, pre-recorded/live or on-demand content in one session or twenty…UgoConference™ provides all the tools you need to make your organization look polished and professional — before, during and after each event. With simplified registration for multiple sessions, 1:1 video meetings, extended access to content, detailed analytics that provide robust, actionable data, and enterprise-grade security, UgoConference™ is your “virtual venue” for smarter events.


Specifically Designed to Power Up Your Event Presentations, UgoConference™ Enhances Your Interactive Sessions with a Host of Exclusive Features, Including:

• An advanced cloud-based, mobile-responsive platform accessible from any browser with no need for downloads or plugins
• Full white-label branding, so your event promotes your brand at every touchpoint
• Mobile app for chat and access to agenda and session information
• 1:1 video meeting scheduler
• Unlimited attendee scale – no more limits!
• Robust data reporting & analytics that maximize your ROI
• Integration with email and marketing automation platforms

With UgoConference™, You’re Always in the Spotlight.

Featuring flexible design capabilities, UgoConference™ lets your organization takes center stage, empowering you to promote your brand in every aspect of your event, including presentations, sessions and meetings.  You can keep it simple and select a theme from our catalog that aligns with your corporate identity – or allow us to design a customized meeting space just for you.

Knowledge is power!

Data is useless unless it’s actionable. You need a serious reporting system in order to effectively analyze your data, audit, and respond. The full-featured UgoConference™ analytics dashboard provides substantial insights into attendee activity on your presentations. Deep dive reporting, resulting in data that truly works for you. We even provide integration with your email and marketing automation systems for a seamless experience from pre- to post-event engagement.

A Powerful and Customizable Virtual “Venue,” UgoConference™ Enhances Every Aspect of Your Event, Before, During and After.

Powerful Registration Tools:

• One-time registration for all sessions and meetings
• Dynamic registration landing pages
• Custom registration questions or the ability to allow anonymous attendees
• Time audience access to the in-webcast player
• Automatically set the archive to be closed after the event for editing or compliance

Enhanced Engagement:

• Dedicated session waiting rooms with countdown timer and attendee pre-event chat
• Attendees can select upcoming sessions to create a personalized agenda
• Schedule one-to-one meetings
• Mobile app enables chat and access to agenda, sessions and speaker info

Customized Branding:

• Custom “vanity URL” available
• Customizable background images
• Choose alternate layouts for landing pages
• Customize the color of buttons and tabs to align with your brand
• Add social media share buttons to the registration page (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)
• Embed YouTube clips
• Speaker biographies showcase your event presenters and speakers
• Provide your own banner, presenter head shots or other images for your custom landing page or link to images already on the web.
• Customize your own footer language on your event page

Dynamic Email Marketing and Calendars:

• Default settings automatically generate audience confirmation and reminder emails
• Schedule post webcast follow-up emails
• Built in Outlook and Google calendar reminders on your event landing pages
• Webcast dates and times show in the end users time zone automatically

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